Phxknows is a Phoenix, AZ, local movement to increase awareness of LatinX - Phoenix Restaurants, Happenings and Cultura. 

Phxknows started in 2012, a concept which has evolved to a much needed showcase of Phoenix local up and coming and Phoenix local best. We feature LatinX, Latino, Chicano, consumer centric innovative businesses that provide a great product and service with community conscious. 


About Jorge/@AVnegra:

I am an immigrant born in El Salvador, I came to U.S. when I was 9 along with all my family from my moms side. My Family and I set grass roots in Phoenix, AZ in the late 80's. 

I have a Love of food and love to support  the community. I have a Passion for photography. I am a people person and love to bring people together. Food brings people together and that passion evolved into Phxknows. Advocacy and community supporter sharing and celebrating Latino/LatinX culture 


The Team

The team is formed by several local foodies, photographers and marketing connoisseurs. phxknowss works as incubator for these individuals to grow their passion. 

For opportunities to be part of the movement. Send us an email with your information and email. 

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